About Us

Cambridge Glassblowing Ltd specialises in the manufacture of high quality scientific glassware to the customer’s specification, in both Borosilicate Glass and Silica Quartz. We have a wide customer base with diverse interests including Pharmaceutical, Chemical, Medical Research, Universities, Laser Manufacturers and Advertising to name a few.

  • The company was established in 1977 and expanded steadily, as the customer base increased so with it came an ability to manufacture a more varied range of products.
  • By 1983 we had outgrown our existing premises which resulted in a move to the Brookfield Business Centre in Cottenham, Cambridge.
  • Our high quality glassblowing came to the notice of QVF Limited (manufactures of process plant glassware) and in 1984 they appointed us as their repair specialist in the United Kingdom.
  • The next major change in the company structure occurred in 1998 when we acquired Wesley Coe (Wingent) Limited. They were competitors who had a range of customers and staff with expertise, which complemented our own.
  • In July 2019, Asahi Glassplant UK Ltd (AG! UK), a subsidiary of Asahi Glassplant Inc., Japan (AG!) acquired Cambridge Glassblowing.
    • Following the incorporation of AG! UK in February 2019, to serve AG!’s customers in Europe, Middle East and Africa, the acquisition provides a strong platform for future growth and enables the manufacturing of both Cambridge Glassblowing products and AG! products.
    • Customers of Cambridge Glassblowing will be reassured to know that they will still receive the same range of high-quality products sold under the Cambridge Glassblowing brand and the same excellent service.  As the strategy is based around growth, all personnel, including management remain unchanged.
    • Cambridge Glassblowing is pleased that the principles of sincerity, innovation and progress and its corporate values are so well aligned with those of AG! UK.
    • The acquisition forms part of broader global strategy of enabling AG! to deliver premium quality chemical processing equipment to its increasing range of customers around the world.  AG!’s wide range of off-the-shelf, customisable and entirely custom-made products serve all chemistry sectors from laboratory scale to pilot plant and manufacturing scale.
    • See www.asahiglassplant.com for more information

Cambridge Glassblowing Ltd still continues through investment and increased knowledge to expand the range of services we can offer, to ensure our customers receive the highest quality and latest techniques available in scientific glass production.