Cambridge Glassblowing Ltd can provide a full range of scientific, bespoke glassware and quartzware for all of your research and manufacturing needs:

  • Manufacture of bespoke Borosilicate and Silica Quartz apparatus
    We can work from your drawings. These need not be computer generated or engineering drawings just sketch your requirements and fax or email them to us. We can then provide a free of charge quotation.
  • Design
    We can provide help and advice with the design of specialist glassware to your requirements. Technical advice is available free of charge either by a representative calling or telephone and email communications.
  • Discs & Plates
    A wide range of Optical and Non-Optical Discs and Plates can be supplied to your specifications in various materials such as Sodalime, Crown Glass, Borosilicate, and various types of Quartz products including Spectrosil.
  • Standard Laboratory Supplies
    Cambridge Glassblowing are agents for Schott Laboratory Glassware we can provide their products at competitive prices, please contact us for further information. We also retail other items such as Dow Corning High Vacuum Grease so if you have any other requirements please contact us, we may be able to help.